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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Radio Interview for #TigerBloodIntern Video on 97.5 K-ROCK!

So last night, much to my delight, I got a tweet from local radio station, 97.5 K-ROCK about my #TigerBloodIntern video and the competition as well.

Tweet from local radio station.

Turns out they wanted to have me on the show.

Tweet from local radio station host.

Even Candice herself from the K-ROCK Morning Show with Mike Campbell and Big Tom tweeted at me about it.

So this morning comes around, and my phone rings (with this #winning ringtone that I made (into a ringtone, I didn't make the YouTube video) ).  Who is it, other than the krew (see what I did there?) from K-ROCK! After chatting for a few minutes I was told to hold the line, and then they came back and bam, on the air.  

Funny, I was more nervous about a final role-play in my Professional Selling class at 9am than I was for a live interview aired across the island and online.

It went well and was fun. The guys asked about Charlie Sheen's goddesses, and if I was planning on hanging with them or finding my own to party with.  I respectfully declined saying my girlfriend was the only goddess for me.  OK, I implied that.  But it's what was going through my mind. I promise.  My answer got a clip from the Charlie Sheen soundboard that started with a buzzer and him saying "Losing".  Just like Candice said, "He's trying to keep it professional, guys!"

Local radio station tweeting about my video

They tweeted with my video during the interview (which I appreciate, thanks so much).  Which promptly set my phone off with a bunch of new followers on Twitter (thanks again).

Oh, did I say thanks?

On my way onto campus here at Memorial, I was listening to K-ROCK (obviously) and just before I got there, they brought up my video and the competition again.  This time I got the honour of receiving a #winning sound clip for being one of 250 out of the 84,000 from 181 countries that applied to make it to round 3.  Oh, and that I was a Newfie.  Even got the applause from Big Tom himself.

My girlfriend recorded the initial interview, and I recorded the second spot, so I'll have those clips up soon!

Thanks for all the continuing support guys!

Keep #winning!

Here is my video, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.

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