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Monday, March 28, 2011

#TigerBlood Intern - Round 3

Charlie Sheen's #Fastball
For any of you that are following me on Twitter or are friends on Facebook, you may already know that I entered in the #TigerBloodIntern search to be an intern on @CharlieSheen's social media team.  I didn't make too much fuss over doing so, because I thought the rest of the world did as well.  Turns out, a lot of his followers did, with 74,000 applicants in Round 1.  This was eventually whittled down through Round 2 to the current round that just finished, which had 250 people still in the running.

I received an email last week saying congratulations for making it to Round 3, and then gave me instructions on what had to be done.

Applicants had to answer one of 3 questions via YouTube video and submit it.  Questions included social media for humanitarian aid, brands or presidential candidates.  I chose to answer which brand I thought was using it most effectively, and why?

Here's my video;

#winning? I hope so.
If you like it, vote it up, share it with friends, comment, whatever! After 2 days it is in the top 50 videos for views!

Thanks guys, hope to be making another post in Round 4!

Social Media referenced in this video:

BlendTec's "Will It Blend?"
Old Spice's Fanpage.
Mattel's website.
Reunite Ken and Barbie campaign.
Ken's Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube video.
"Find Me If You Ken" campaign.
"Genuine Ken" Web Series.
Ken's Billboard campaign
Great Mashable article about the whole campaign.

Huge thanks to Kevin Gallant at Rock Solid Media for making this possible.

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