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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hurricane Igor Slams Newfoundland

Been a little out of commission due to work and the recent hurricane, Igor, that slammed into St. John's, Newfoundland last week.

Hit the jump for some great shots from one of my friends who is a photographer here in St. John's, Sandra Lee Elford.

You didn't think I'd post all her copyrighted images on my blog did you?

Head over to her blog to see them all, and understand the rare destruction that we witnessed last week here in St. John's.  Definitely worth it.

Over 30 municipalities declared a state of emergency last Wednesday, with 240+ mm of rain falling (that's about 10 inches for my American readers), and 150km/h + winds.  Luckily, but still tragically, only one life was lost during the storm.  My thoughts go out to his family.

From a place that doesn't get many hurricanes, this is being labelled as the worst storm that people can remember.

And this was only a Category 1?
I'd hate to see a 5.

Here you can also see Sandra's site, and like her fanpage too.

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