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Saturday, July 2, 2011

14 Days of Metallica: Day 1

Going to see Metallica on July 14th, which is in 14 days, with Steve Tilley.

Every day I will post a Metallica song, some information about it, and my favorite parts.

Day 1 goes to, fittingly enough, One.

This is the last single from ...And Justice For All and was Written the night Cliff Burton died.  The lyrics are based on a 1939 Dalton Trumbo Novel called Johnny Got His Gun, telling the tale of a soldier whose body is severely damaged by a mortar shell. His arms, legs, eyes, mouth, nose and ears are gone and he is unable to see, speak, smell, or hear. His mind functions perfectly, however, leaving him trapped inside his own body.  I love it because it has the "machine gun" double-kick and guitar parts towards the end reflect the war-time tone and the machine gun/explosion sound effects at the beginning of this legendary song.

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