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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

14 Days of Metallica: Day 9

Day 9 is the home of a song that's off an often chastised album; Reload.  I still don't understand why so many people hated this (these, including Load) albums.

Another one that the S&M version has replaced the original.  A song about a celebrity that is now past her prime, everyone has moved on, but not forgotten about her and because of this, she is going insane in her own vanity.  The symphony lines are quick and add to the majesty in this song.  There's a subtle, self referential, suicide reference in the song too, with the lyrics "Ash to ash, dust to dust, fade to black", including the title of a prior song.

My favorite part (which is made better by the live S&M version), is the 'na na na' parts, both in the middle and the end.  Something about thousands of voices over a symphony really does it for me.

Here's the official video, along with the original (read; non S&M) version.

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